Coffee Talky

Coffee Talky is a coffee enthusiast podcast.

We'll be drinking and reviewing coffee, visiting coffee shops, testing out hardware, and explore brewing methods. We'll also be talking a lot.



One day, two guys with boring first names– Greg and George– decided to create a slightly less boring podcast.

Greg Stenson

A sucker for a mid-day, light roast pour-over. Hair is long gone, but middle-class mustache is fairly persistent. Been in the design game for for over 20 years, but is often mistaken as security or a personal trainer– quite possibly because of his massive biceps.

George Wilson

He's the designer, marketer, and photographer behind GMW Design. And with a beard this sexy he's a natural at bumpin‘ and grindin‘ whole bean coffee. Boring fact: this guy can't resist well-designed wallets and luxury pens.